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YouTube Tips Creators need to know in 2017

JUNE 22, 2017:

Haven’t read YouTube’s 10 fundamentals of a Creative Strategy? Want to know how to look after your YouTube account as a creator today? Well, lucky for you, we’ve rounded up our top tips for keeping things ticking along nicely…

Timing is Everything
When is activity at its peak? You should know when impressions are highest on every platform you use and tailor your content accordingly. For YouTube, this is around 3 pm and again at 10 pm ET, according to Pixability’s recent beauty study.

Get Noticed
This isn’t just about making your content stand out (though we know how important creativity is to counteract some social media platform’s search algorithms). You also want to make your videos easy to find via SEO to keep pulling in new audiences. There are so many tools out there to research the best keywords to use in your metadata – Google Trends is the most obvious. Try to stick to keywords that are searched for by at least 300 people each month, suggests Mic.

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In Real Life
Don’t just rely on sit-down vids, like beauty tutorials and shopping hauls. Take to filming your everyday experience, and bring your viewers along for the ride! ‘On-the-go vlogs are an amazing way of developing a relationship with your audience,’ says Lucy Lendrem, head of talent at Gleam Futures, to Vogue. ‘They get to know you so much better than a more formal sit-down video.’

Live Stream it Up
You have two choices… Start broadcasting immediately (you can record for up to 12 hours) or schedule a live stream in advance. The latter allows you to promote the ‘Event’ – via emails, trailers, and social posts – which will help you build an audience for the broadcast. Don’t forget to check your equipment before you hit record; you could even start a little bit early, to test everything’s working before the live stream really gets going. And pay attention to the chat box – it’s not just a way to interact with your audience, it’s also how you know people are engaging with your content.

Set Out a Series
Just as more and more viewers are seeking out live content on YouTube, more and more viewers are also keen to consume original video series. Case in point: During prime-time hours of an average day in the US, more 18-49-year-olds visit YouTube than any TV network, according to Your Marketing. This growing trend encourages creators, once again, to consider making YouTube videos with that entertainment-meets-reality factor of inviting audiences into their lives. And like any good series, stick to a schedule: Will you upload new episodes every Thursday, or will you do a Netflix and launch an entire series in one go to get your audience hooked instantly?

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