Your Strategy To Accomplish All of Your 2018 Goals

Your Strategy To Accomplish All of Your 2018 Goals #ipsyOpenStudios

JAN 9, 2018:

The new year is the perfect time to reset your strategy – and that includes the way you set goals. While it’s no secret New Year’s resolutions often fail, these 4 tips from The Mission will show you that by doing things differently, you can get different results.

1. Word your goals as though you’ve already accomplished them

The trick is to write down all your goals in the past tense. For example, I’ve gained 100,00 new followers in 2018. The power in this strategy is in what it does to your subconscious mind: If you believe you are already the person who has succeeded in achieving your goals, you’re more likely to act like that person, and thereby cultivate behaviors in line with your own prospective success.

2. Speak to your subconscious every night about your goals

Sounds strange, but it isn’t! Your subconscious is incredibly powerful, especially when it comes to creativity. Every night before you go to bed, ask yourself to do things – present a goal, a new idea, or a new principle you’d like to learn about in your mind. While you sleep, your mind will begin work, processing information, so that you wake up with new perspectives and positivity.

3. Don’t waste time, make a commitment to the most important goals

No more excuses, reasons, or circumstances about why you can’t or won’t be able to achieve something. If you’re committed, you’ll do whatever it takes. You can’t just be casually interested in achieving your goals; you have to get serious and dedicate yourself and your time to them. Most importantly, cast aside any goals you probably won’t achieve and only stick to the ones that you no you can reach.

4. Stop comparing yourself with others: Focus on you and your goals only

Yes, it’s a competitive industry, but constantly competing with everyone else will only distract you from what really matters: You. It’s time to ignore other people’s goals, and do not even think about copying them! ‘If your goals are not fully, intimately yours, you’re probably wasting your time,’ writes The Mission. ‘If you compare yourself to others, you’ll only get what they want. If you chase what others are chasing, you might get it – but the reward will be hollow and empty.’ We couldn’t agree more.

What are some of your goals for 2018? Share in the comments!

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