You Asked (for a Chronological Feed), and Instagram is Delivering

Happy and funny woman looking at her phone

MAY 3, 2018:

In a recent blog post last month, Instagram announced that it would change it’s widely disliked feed. The current feed — which no longer displays posts in chronological order as it once used to — has been widely and vocally criticized by many including content creators and influencers. Based on user feedback, Instagram will be amending the platform to “ensure that newer posts are more likely to appear first in feed.” But hold tight: the update will likely take several months to roll out, so you won’t see things in a timely fashion just yet.

In addition, Instagram also announced that a “New Posts” button is being tested out. Roll out time is yet to be determined, so don’t expect to see this just yet. This update that will allow users to manually select and choose to refresh their feed, as opposed to it automatically refreshing at random while scrolling. This will without a doubt aim to enhance the user experience while keeping engagement between users high.

These updates come at an interesting and controversial time, as Facebook and Instagram are under increased scrutiny over just how much “space” advertisers (along with brands and influencers) should occupy on the platforms.


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