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The Age of Amazon: Will you join the new influencer program?

SEPT 5, 2017

Google and Facebook might want to keep an eye on a certain renowned web competitor: Amazon has just brought its Influencer Program out of beta, and is encouraging YouTubers to put themselves forward for consideration.

First spotted by TechCrunch, Amazon has now confirmed the story: ‘We recently enabled a self-service tool for YouTube influencers only to be able to sign up for the Amazon Influencer program.’ And there are hints that they may open this up to other social networks.

A spinoff of its Amazon Associates affiliate program, each influencer creates their own page on the site – a sort of ‘storefront’ or curated listing page of their favorite products, from which they can earn a commission.

Currently, applications are vetted on factors ranging from reach to fan engagement and relevance, and interest from the outside is growing. ‘Most brands are just starting to dip their toes into it,’ writes Business Insider, ‘influencer agencies are popping up left and right… By closely monitoring who is approved to participate, Amazon can appeal to brands that are looking to leverage influencers in a controlled and trusted environment.’

If the program proves successful – for Amazon, brands, influencers and their followers alike – it could potentially lead to a safer and more secure revenue stream structure, as well as an easier way to monitor the impact of influencer marketing.

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But the money is not the only reason it could be great for influencers. Amazon is neutral in terms of product selection, so you have free scope to choose which brands and products to endorse on your page. They’re also not involved in the selecting or screening of these products – you see it on site and you can share it under your name.

However, Amazon still has a long way to compete with other platforms. Business Insider explains: The two most popular, YouTube and Instagram, have 1.5 billion monthly and 700 million daily users respectively – that’s compared to Amazon’s (not officially disclosed) global Prime membership of 65 million, according to Morgan Stanley.

Still want to sign up? Head to the Amazon Influencer Program page, then log in with your existing Associates’ Store ID or any Amazon account. You’ll then have to get through their eligibility checks by connecting your YouTube account and creating a profile. Good luck!

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