What brands see when they search for influencers online

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FEB 27, 2018:

As more and more content creators are collaborating with brands, there are more and more ways to connect with them. But how do they operate and what they see when they search for influencers online? Here’s what you need to know…

They use influencer search tools, like BuzzSumo, which helps brands find social-media profiles based on certain keywords or what websites bloggers share content from. Why do shared links matter? What you promote on your social media will give brands an idea of how relevant you, your posts and your associated content are to the campaign message. It’s all about of your identity. Within the dashboard, they can see figures that break down each person’s influence – from the number of followers to how often they’re retweeted.

They can compare you with other influencers using Klout, which gives all-in-one social scores collated from a range of data across various social networks. For example, the ratio of reactions you generate compared to the amount of content you share. This means generating 100 retweets from 10 tweets will contribute more to your Score than generating 100 retweets from 1,000 tweets.

They check SEO performance, with plugins like MozBar. Brands want to know your domain authority, as a strong SEO profile is a good indication of your influence – it tells them whether partnering with you will increase their reach. After all, gaining Twitter followers is easy compared to getting around Google’s algorithms. 

They look at your connections with other influencers, using Little Bird, which creates a map of influencers and experts in any field under 5 minutes. The system then tells brands which of those influencers are already part of their community online, who competitors are connected to, what the hottest conversations among those influencers are, plus sends alerts over time whenever something important happens. Who you know is just as important as what you know.


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