Wake and SLAY…tips to feeling fab everyday with Rachel McCord

Wake and SLAY...tips to feeling fab everyday with Rachel McCord #ipsyOpenStudios

NOV 3, 2017

This is the time of the year when we all look at our lives and think: “What have I accomplished this year?” It’s easy to feel stressed and even in a bit of a funk! But don’t worry…I got you!!

Here are my 5 tips to feeling fab everyday!

1.  You need to remember that you were born to slay. In life, we set big goals, but we don’t always see big results. It can feel discouraging, unless you remember that everything is done little by little, day by day. You don’t need to see immediate results, bank deposits, increased followers, or awards the day you start out. But, if you work hard at your dreams, you will achieve success.

2. Find your purpose and exist from it! Life is too short to live a life that you don’t adore. Even if you find yourself at work or school doing things that you don’t always love, you need to make time to invest in your purpose. You have a passion for something, and that something is dying to get out! Let it! Express every fabulous side of you…don’t be afraid to stand out and slay.

3. Get bored with drama, criticism, and haterade. Look, we all know those people who love to complain, create drama, or pour a glass of haterade all over your favorite #ootd. If you want to feel fab on the daily, you need to step away from those people and step into relationships and environments with people who believe in you and support you. You are a Queen! You deserve to have healthy, peaceful relationships in your life. You may not see it, but if you invest in unhealthy relationships, it will bleed into other areas of your life…and it won’t be pretty!

4. Set some goals for your life. I am guessing the last time you hopped in your car, you turned on Waze or Google Maps to tell you where to get where you were going. If you didn’t you might have been driving in circles…for an embarrassingly long amount of time. Life is the same way. By setting goals, intentions, and a destination, you can program your mind to run in the direction of your goals. If not, you will find yourself aimlessly wandering, feeling lost and discouraged. Go for gold, and get your dream life.

5) Have gratitude! This is the most important step, to feeling fab every day! Living a life of thanks is incredibly important! If you immediately seek out the problems in life, you will find them! But, if you look for the good, if you chase your bliss, and you give thanks for every single thing you have, you will feel so FAB! Just like an iPhone charger doesn’t get power when disconnected from its source, your heart will feel worn if you don’t keep a good perspective of your life.

You got this, Queen! Never doubt your abilities, you are more powerful than you know!


Rachel McCord


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