Trending now: Prosecco flavored nail polish..Whaaaat? #ipsyOS

Trending now: Prosecco flavored nail polish..Whaaaat?

April 12, 2017:

Finally, a reason to feel less guilty about biting your nails! You might think that a French beauty brand would be behind this sparkling wine flavored, gold-colored new product, but surprisingly it’s Groupon that’s producing prosecco-infused polish.

It does come with a caveat: the site warns that it is extremely flammable and you shouldn’t drink it. The ingredients are also openly available, and while actual prosecco is indeed one of the components and likely the only one you’d digest by licking your nails, some of the chemicals aren’t exactly at the top of our tasting lists, including propylene glycol, which is a known antifreeze for cars.

While the polish is not available to buy – Groupon ran a competition to win your very own exclusive bottle – the look is certainly inspiring us, simultaneously ticking off some of this season’s biggest nail trends: gold and glitter.

In Allure’s Top 9 Spring 2017 list, they rate the metallic ombré look at Michael Costello, which uses Essie Nail Polish in Good as Gold as the base, as well as the Morgan Taylor Lacquer Glitter & Gold polish used to achieve the elegant shimmer-effect cuticles at the Rodarte show.

But prosecco-style nails aren’t just popping up on the catwalk. Did you see the recent Pat McGrath’s Muses shoot? Nail artist Jin Soon Choi complemented the shimmering gold makeup look on model Hailey Baldwin. Meanwhile, Mei Kawajiri gave the gift of gold-glitter nails to her friend. And lately, we enjoyed getting to know beauty vlogger KathleenLights better in her ‘Rambling on a Saturday’ post, which – guess what? – also features her very own gold-sparkle nail polish, KL Polish in Das Esspensive.
Pinterest reports that chrome nail searches are up by 570% – so there’s no denying it’s all about shine factor right now, as reflective, metal-look nails take the top spot in 2017. Ciaté London has even introduced what they call ‘the world’s first liquid mirror chrome nail polish’. Perhaps it’s time to pop some prosecco and go for gold…


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