Trending Now: Mercury Rising Makeup #ipsyOS

Trending Now: Mercury Rising Makeup

JUNE 29, 2017:

It’s getting hot in herre. As the summer season heats up, bloggers around the world are finding inspiration from higher temperatures. Here are our favorite trending looks causing the mercury to rise, whatever the weather – and our top makeup tips for when things feel like they’re reaching boiling point.

Ice Cream
What started off as a Halloween trick is coming back around to haunt us this summer…
MUAs are recreating the swirls and colors of ice cream – sometimes even going as far as adding waffle cones and sprinkles as additional props – through eye shadow, face paint and even hair dye. Sadly, the delicious frozen treat is not required to create this ultra-cool (if a little crazy) look.

Check out what might be the OG ice cream makeup tutorial video by Madeyewlook back in 2014. We also rate Desi Perkins’ cute take from last year – very Millennial Pink, if you want to tick another trend box.

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Based in Austin, Texas, MUA Alexa Link has been participating in the #1000daysofmakeupchallenge on Instagram. On Day 486, she posted what Allure is calling ‘heat map makeup’, turning her whole face into something resembling The Weather Channel app – only far more beautiful. It’s a look that takes natural glow to another level.

Speaking to the site, Link talked through her process: ‘To deposit the color, I used flat shading brushes like the Sugarpill Large Eyeshadow Brush. And I blended the colors using fluffy blending brushes like the Sugarpill Tapered Blending & Crease Brush… If you’d like to try the makeup at home, then I would suggest starting on the outer perimeter of your face with the cool-toned colors first, because the warm shades are typically more densely pigmented and get out of control really easily.’

And what to do to keep your makeup from running in hot weather? Check out ipsy creator, Bailey’s must-know tricks in our exclusive video. Think waterproof products and powder formulas, plus don’t forget to lock it all in with a setting spray.

Now you’re all set to enjoy the sunshine!

What is your go-to hot weather makeup routine? Share in the comments!

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