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NOV 15, 2017

Want to be in the know when it comes to creating content over the holidays? Here are the trending topics everyone’s talking about to get you inspired just in time for Thanksgiving.

Double Up Your Lashes

Bustle has proclaimed the viral ‘double lash’ as its ‘new winner for Thanksgiving dinner makeup’. But it’s not just about doubling down on falsies… First spotted on blogger Alexa Link, the look requires applying mascara to your lashes, as usual, lining the inner eye with blue, then ringing the lids in a ‘retro almond shape’ using the same color. Finally, Link adds a set of fake lashes above and below this ringed outline to create a surrealist four-lashed effect. Weird, yet wonderful.

Buy Fenty’s First Red Lipstick

‘NOV. 23… get your lips ready. STUNNA LIP PAINT IS coming,’ Rihanna announced on Instagram this month. But then again, you all already knew that, right? Since the product was leaked in September, we’ve been on standby for its release date. This brand is the gift that keeps on giving. You’ll certainly want to get in line both online and in-store on Thanksgiving weekend to share your take on Fenty Beauty’s latest look – we can’t wait to see the video reviews and tutorials in the coming weeks. 

Be Body Positive Online

‘[Overindulgence] starts with Halloween,’ writes blogger Marie Southard Ospina for Elite Daily. ‘Holiday season is indisputably intertwined with food… Yet all at once, we are conditioned to eat and eat more, but not to look as though we have.’ So how to stay positive and enjoy yourself despite these contradictory messages? She suggests being mindful of your media intake – ‘avoid tags and headlines that [you] know will be full of diet talk [and] search only for affirming, uplifting hashtags instead.’ You can also be both bold and brave enough to bare all with your beauty looks and remember to project self-love and encourage others to do the same with your posts.

Do you have more ideas for holiday content? Share with us in the comments!

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