Trending Now: Feather Eyebrows Take Flight #ipsyOS

Trending Now: Feather Eyebrows Take Flight

May 9, 2017

Move over bold and busy brows, feathers are the new shape of things to come – that is, according to the beauty bloggers who are flocking to what Glamour’s Lipstick magazine is calling it the ‘Latest Polarizing Trend’ on Instagram. Parting brows horizontally down the middle is proving to be a provocative look, the kind you’re either going to love or hate.

The Creator

Critics are calling this look a joke. But guess what? It started off as one. Finnish makeup artist Stella Sironen ( decided to shake up the scene with what she’d later call the #featherbrows.

‘I’m starting this new brow trend,’ she said on April 8th, ‘please recreate it and wear it everyday.’ That original post now has over 50k likes and 3,500 comments, dividing the community between ‘Please no’ and ‘I’m crying this is not good’ versus ‘I love this’ and ‘That’s like goals’.

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Three days later, Stella posted a reaction to her rave reviews: ‘Note to self: When you make a joke about starting a funny brow trend, people take it seriously and… well, start the trend anyways. THANK YOU for all the love and hate on my last pic!’

The Craze

Yes, the hashtag has become a thing. From @kelseemarie – who posted her look with the tongue-in-cheek comment, ‘If you don’t understand ART, that’s okay this trend isn’t for you baby. And f you can’t understand that, you probably don’t understand this is a joke too’ – via @mai_chameleon (‘For real this is great’), who added some gold highlights, to @callmechim (‘THIS HAD TO BE DONE!’).

The Craft

Fancy trying the look yourself? Stella says she perfected that parting using a ‘glue stick’, but sweeping a touch of brow gel, or even a clear lip or eye gloss across the brows should also do the trick.

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