Trending Now: EPIC Winged Liner

Trending Now: EPIC Winged Liner

JUNE 6, 2017:

The latest catwalk beauty look to take flight is all about Wings of Desire – in strictly epic proportions. But what inspired this retro-style throwback? Here’s our round up of the best winged-liner looks, from rock ’n’ roll on the runway to IRL on Instagram…

Kabuki Cool: Louis Vuitton
In a collection inspired by Japan and its classical dance-drama Kabuki, the makeup at Louis Vuitton Cruise 2018 similarly drew from the theatre’s exaggerated mask traditions. ‘The look’s power was found with samurai-inspired brows framing cat-eyes that winged dramatically from outer corners, courtesy of makeup artist Pat McGrath,’ said Vogue. ‘Kabuki allusions came with vivid pigments airbrushed around eyes and cheekbones, edged in contrasting tones.’

Feeling Invisible: Stacey McDonald
Starting with what beauty writers call the invisible floating liner trend or #invisibleliner, British MUA Stacey McDonald (@staceymariemua) has created a totally imaginative and unconventional winged eyeliner look – floating above the eye line. Instead, you create the flick by ‘tracing the wing with shadow, but never actually filling it in’. McDonald accents her floating liner flick with glitter, but generally, the concept is about playing with the area above the negative space, whether you use different colored shades or using tape to create the invisible flick.

Woke Up Like This: Saint Laurent
Back in March, Vogue called Tom Pecheux’s makeup for Saint Laurent Fall 2017: ‘a beautifully slapdash approach to beauty.’ Speaking to Allure, he explained that this aesthetic comes from his decadent side and a desire to break the rules – traits he believes he shares with the Parisian label. To create these smudged morning-after winged eyes, Pecheux rubbed his fingers over the wand of YSL Beauty’s The Shock Volumizing Mascara and then smeared it across the brow bones.

Extreme Cat Eye: Valentino
McGrath also transformed the sophisticated streetwear look at Valentino, using DARKSTAR006 Black SmudgeLiner Kohl to create a bigger-is-better wing with a super pointy tip. The style – a super feminine take on the feline flick that vibes off the collection’s seventies hip-hop mood – was achieved by ‘[encasing] eyes in pigment and [extending] the band all the way to the tail-ends of the brows,’ says Fashion Unfiltered. For added drama, outline the area just above the crease in black.

Connect The Dots: Grace McQuillan
Flying a little under the radar for not much longer, LA-based vlogger Grace McQuillan (@grace_mcquillan) was picked up by Allure as part of its top Eyeliner Trends Taking Over Instagram. ‘I’m obsessed with finding new ways to mix up basic winged liner,’ says McQuillan. She created her pointillism-inspired look (in other words, created ‘cat eyes out of tons of tiny little dots’) using a mixture of NYX Cosmetics Vivid Brights liners, alongside Kat Von D Beauty Tattoo Liner Trooper.

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