Trending Now: 2018 Beauty Predictions You Should Know About

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JAN 4, 2018:

At end of every year, our friends over at Pinterest pull together their predictions for next year’s most popular trends, based on the top pins amongst their community. When it comes to beauty and fashion, the Pinterest 100 is usually a great indication of the kind of looks that content creators should be covering in the coming months. Meanwhile, the lifestyle magazines are curating their trend lists – a mixture of show and social-media reports. So without further ado, here are the ones to know…


In response to the trend that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, Elite Daily puts it best: ‘Glitter makeup is here to save the d*mn day and give us all hope in the new year.’ From Urban Decay to Too Face and even Pat McGrath, brands have been following the spring/summer runway makeup looks in sparkling fashion. Search #glitter for more ideas.

Lip Tints

According to Pinterest, saves for ‘lip tint’ jumped 414 per cent. Also called lip stains, the lip tint is nothing new, as Beauty Tap’s deep dive explains, but search ‘lip tint’ in YouTube and the current climate is all about ‘crazy’ K-beauty products called peel-off lip tints and creating the gradient or ombré lip look.

Geometric Nails

Another trending topic on Pinterest, geometric and negative space designs are the new nails to rock in 2018. Think minimal and monochrome for a simple way to master the look – from classic black and white to @asjabondareva’s new nude style – or simple accents, like these nails featured on @indiebeautyexpo.

Bright Eyes

Shadows and liners go a shade brighter this year. Bold blue, sunny yellow, fiery orange, and even vibrant rainbow lids: Allure is calling the trend ‘high-voltage hues’, and it’s easy to see why. These looks are electric! From Clothes Encouters’ Yellow Eyeshadow look to Giulianna Maria’s Rainbow Neon tutorial, is this a response to the number of chromatic palettes that launched last year?

Do you have more beauty predictions for 2018? Share in the comments!

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