NOV 24, 2017

Hi, Queens! We are back at it AGAIN, but this time, with your TOP 5 TIPS to start YOUR OWN BLOG! Yayyy! Praise emoji! :) Let’s jump right in! 

1) Choose your content and messaging. This is SUCH a fun step because it’s when you get to brainstorm and create your DREAM. When I created, I didn’t know how big it would get, but I knew it needed to be a blend of accessible fashion and inspiration! Think about your passion, and use your blog to pull it all together, into something that inspires others. 

2) Choosing your platform and hosting is when you get to go from finding your YOU, to actually creating it. I recommend using WordPress as your blog platform and Blue Host for your hosting. Look at it like your shoe organizer + your shoes. Your shoe organizer (the hosting) is what holds your fabulous shoes (your blog platform). Basically all the pretty stuff on top…make sense?

3) Choose your blog design. Speaking of all things pretty…it’s time to choose how everything will look! YAY! I recommend going on ThemeForest for all things theme. They have thousands and thousands of options. Find the one right for you, and download it. It may cost between $25-45, but it will help bring your blog to life! P.S. I recommend asking a website developer to help you with uploading it on your site (it’s harder than it sounds!), but, if you are ready to slay on your own, check out some of Tyler Moore’s YouTube videos for guidance…they are amazing!

4) This is the time to choose your unique blog name! Yay! It’s all coming together!! Whatever you choose, ask yourself if 1) it’s a timeless brand, 2) if people will care about it, 3) if it’s available (you can buy it on and most importantly, 4) if you REALLY love it! You’ll know when you get there. 

When I was choosing the title for my book, “Slay the Fame Game“, I kept going through name after name with my man, Rick Schirmer, until we chose the perfect one! You’ll know when you think of it (you might freak out), and when you can get the same @handle to promote it on all your social platforms. Yay! 

5) It’s time to create that content, Queen! Yay! This is the BEST part! Get creative, have fun, be yourself, and stay true to YOUR voice! 

If you feel nervous, send me a DM on Instagram @iamRachelMcCord. I’m always around to give you some tips! 

You can even email me a voice note with some questions, and I might feature you on my iTunes podcast, “Slay with Rachel McCord.”

Soooo excited for you!!! Xoxoxo

Rachel McCord 

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