They Get It: Deck of Scarlet Has Influencer First Approach

They Get It: Deck of Scarlet Has Influencer First Approach #ipsyOpenStudios

DEC 7, 2017

We’ve been documenting the rise of influencer/brand collaborations for a while – just this year we saw MAC join Becca and Tarte, among many other names, team up with your favorite beauty influencers. Racked even ran a story back in February asking: ‘Are Influencer Collaborations Going to Save the Beauty Industry?

Then there’s Deck of Scarlet: since launching last year, the brand has gained popularity for its exclusive range of palettes, each made in partnership with a well-known creator. ‘[We partner] with the best YouTube artists to create a stunning limited-edition palette every two months,’ says the brand. ‘Then deliver hot-off-the-press tutorials so you can master the art of getting your sexy on.’ And this month, Deck of Scarlet is taking this concept further, with its Eyeshadow Singles Collection, featuring Nazanin Kavari, Melly Sanchez, and Amy-Rose Walker.

Talking to Bustle about why this particular collaboration matters to her, Sanchez explains: ‘With the new single foil collection, I knew that I would love the end result because I had been there testing, feeling, using the products and knew the outcome was going to be remarkable.’ Each shade is named after the influencer that helped create it. Walker notes that her level of involvement in the makeup-making process was a special opportunity to go behind the scenes, adding weight to her review and stamp of approval.

Deck of Scarlet co-founder (formerly of L’Oreal, Estée Lauder and Elizabeth Arden) Rachel ten Brink highlights that the entire business is built around these collaborations in an interview with Forbes: ‘Deck of Scarlet was born out of our obsession with YouTubers… Since influencers were always at the heart of the brand, we decided to leverage their makeup expertise and knowledge of their communities. Each influencer brings a new style and personality to the brand, so the makeup is fresh, edgy, and fun.’

The brand’s model aims to simplify the influencer-to-audience process. Instead of trying to follow a YouTube tutorial and feeling overwhelmed by the range of products, you get the product, inspiration, and guidance from one place.

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