The Workouts Around the Country We’re Currently Obsessing Over


MAY 22, 2018:

The number of workouts to choose from seem to be endless these days. Which is why we’ve rounded up some of our most favorite non-culty, kick-ass workouts. After all, beauty starts from within. These workouts (and instructors) promote well-being from within while getting you in shape. In other words, none of that fluff. You’re guaranteed to find a workout that fits your schedule and works out your body (and mind) from this list no matter where in the country you are.

New York City


Unlike other barre classes of it’s kind, Barre3 is notorious for making you sweat just as much (and if not more than) other more high-cardio classes. The secret? Holding every leg shaking pose for a long period of time – longer than what feels comfortable. Therein lies the key to working out the small muscles that you might not necessarily be used to working out in other classes. Practice really does make perfect at Barre3, and while the studio is clean and bright, it’s approachable and friendly for both beginners and pros alike.


This workout (a favorite of the likes of Hailey Baldwin and Kendall Jenner) nails the kickboxing-meets-club vibe without trying too hard. The Rumble trainers are all insanely energetic and super badass, which makes the hour fly by. You’ll be switching off between floor (think weights and cardio exercises) and bags (which unlike your usual bags are filled with water), which get your heartbeat up throughout the 12 non-stop rounds.

Tone House

Named the “most difficult workout” in New York, Tone House is an hour-long class that incorporates high intensity interval training with weight training. You’ll be working with everything from ropes to rowing machines to get a workout that is essentially designed for athletes. Clear out your schedule for the rest of the week, because you’re almost positively going to be sore after this class. As intense and intimidating as this class might seem (and is), Tone House’s instructors are super motivational and promote team building and teamwork through the entire workout, which makes the hour go by in a breeze.


If doing burpees next to Adriana Lima and every other Victoria’s Secret Angel sounds like your idea of a good workout, Dogpound is the place to be. Dogpound is now invite only (so get friendly with anyone you know who’s a member), but the vibe could not be friendlier. Dogpound offers one-on-one personal training and kickboxing sessions, which are ideal if you’re looking for that personalized attention to focus on training specific areas. Goal building (and beating) is the key at Dogpound, and you will definitely feel like the best, most kickass version of yourself after walking out of this gym.

Los Angeles

Lit Method

Lit Method’s whole mission statement is around being the best version of yourself. This low impact and high energy class is centered around physical and mental stimulation and challenging one’s self through paying the utmost attention to form over all else. The classes — which are a combination of training methods like rowing, TRX bands and resistance bands — are aimed to strengthen, tone, and lengthen your body over time without overworking any muscle.

Gunnar Peterson

You may have seen his hardcore kettlebell workouts on the Kardashians’ Snapchat stories. This Beverly Hill trainer, who focuses on helping his clients find their inner strength, has an impressive list of clientele (including the Lakers) that he’s helped get in top shape. His no-BS attitude, combined with his muscle-building training regimens have gained Gunnar a much-deserved reputation in LA’s fitness scene.

Body by Simone

Reese Witherspoon, Naomi Watts and Sandra Bullock are all fans of Simone De La Rue’s Body by Simone, which offers hour-long, “classic” classes like Burns, Hips, and Thighs, along with a mini-trampoline class which combines dancing with cardio and low-intensity weights. Not only does the choreography leave you dripping with sweat, but it’s also a fun way to let loose and have fun.



Cardio kickboxing (with a little resistance training) is the name of the game at Fitbox. This state-of-the-art facility is definitely the one to pick if you’re looking to unwind (because let’s be real, who doesn’t enjoy letting go of bad energy?), but it also doesn’t hurt that the post-workout shower situation is also luxurious and spotless.


Vixen, a hip-hop dance/fitness studio, was found by an ex-Miami Heat dancer with a passion for motivating women to own their wellness. What started off as a Monday night class for moms has since turned into a full blown “Vixen Army”. The cardio workout (which is just as much playlist inspo as it is a workout) teaches easy-to-learn routines under atmosphere lights, which adds a touch of glam to the whole thing.


City Surf

Inspired by real life surfing, City Surf offers a variety of classes that are focused on improving flexibility, core work, concentration, and balance. Classes are taught on actual surf boards (which automatically makes any exercise that much harder), and each class is designed to target specific activator muscle groups to replicate what being on a wave would feel like.

Dancers Shape Barre

Barre fever is real, and Austin is no stranger to great barre studios. Owned by an ex-Rockette dancer, Dancers Shape Barre has a wide range of barre, pilates, and yoga classes that pack a punch without being culty. Most of the instructors have a dance background, so get ready for isometric movements, deep stretched, and pointed toes.

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