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The three types of influencer: Which one are you?

AUG 1, 2017:

n the midst of what some are calling a consumer ‘trust crisis’, influencers continue to act as ‘trusted sources’ in bridging the gap between audiences and brands. A recent study of 800 women who shop online for beauty products found that ‘37% will try a new product after seeing it on a social-media site like Facebook or YouTube, or after reading peer reviews.’ That’s 13% more than traditional forms of marketing, like print magazines and TV advertising – and it’s no surprise more and more brand managers are taking notice of the trend towards blog posts and video content shared by ‘real people’.

Most interestingly, the study categorized these people into three types of digital influencers, each creating value via different types of content and connecting with different audiences. Below we breakdown the information, as shared by WWD earlier this month – so which type of influencer are you?

The Girl Next Door
It all started as a hobby in your teens or early 20s, and now it’s your career. You’re the girl who loves beauty and sharing you opinion – but you speak to every member of your audience like they’re your best friends. Like Chrisspy, Shayla, or Zoella, you command attention via a continuous stream of social-media content and a definitive personal brand.

The Lifestyle Guru
Why choose between fashion, beauty, wellness, interior design and travel, when you can do it all? You likely have some experience within one of these industries and therefore have that ‘insider’ knowledge that keep your fans coming back for more. See model and blogger Chriselle Lim, who shares her behind-the-scenes snaps alongside personal lifestyle tips.

The Expert
You’ve done the jobs, you’ve got the clients and contacts – you’re a professional MUA or skincare expert. Having left your 9-to-5 (or variations thereof) job at that makeup company that everyone knows and loves, you’ve worked with all kinds of brands and names, and are no longer contractually obligated to just one. That means you come ‘without any corporate trust baggage’. You just really know your stuff.

Once you’ve recognized your type, you can also define yourself into two further sub-groups: Macro influencers, with millions of followers, and Micro influencers, with up to 100,000 followers. WWD reckons it’s the latter that will eventually matter – and be the kind of influencer brands will want to work with.


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