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The Most Popular Snapchat Filters of 2016 and What To Expect This Year

JAN 12, 2017:

Did you know that Snapchat was the most used social media app used this past holiday season? It far outperformed apps like Facebook and Twitter, thanks to its creative location and event-based lenses and fun filters. Admit it—you were snapping away while you were opening presents, sipping champagne and kissing under the mistletoe.

So, what were the most popular lenses of 2016? The answers may surprise you. From the adorable dogs to the Coachella-inspired flower crown, these filters were favorites of celebs, influencers and regular peeps.

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Top 10:

  • Flower Crown
  • Friend Face Swap
  • Dog
  • Butterfly
  • Pink Flower Crown
  • Deer
  • Bee
  • Frown
  • Camera Roll Face Swap
  • Rosy-Cheek

So what does the list tell us about what we can expect in 2017? Beautification filters, like the flower crown and rosy-cheek lenses will continue to be popular, because who doesn’t like to look more beautiful? We are also betting on new cute animals and silly, just-have-to-try filters using face-swapping tech. Cannot wait to get snapping in 2017!

What filter or lens would you like to see this year? Share in the comments!

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