The Most Insta-worthy Airbnb’s To Stay In This Summer

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May 15, 2018:

Whether it’s a staycation, long weekend, or a trip to lands far away, these Airbnb listings are guaranteed to let you unwind, explore, and really get away from it all. From a tree house nestled in a lush forest to a castle straight out of Game of Thrones, the 6 getaways below are some of the most dreamy Airbnb’s we’d like to call “home” on our next journey away. Be warned: you may experience some serious wanderlust after reading.

  1. The Fisherman’s Cave: Oia, Greece

In the coastal tip of Santorini is this Grecian blue and white fisherman’s cave-turned-villa, which overlooks the blue waters of the Mediterranean from just about every angle. It’s giving us serious “jumping off a cliff a la Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants” vibes. It’s also hard not to get FOMO thinking of what sunset over a glass of wine looks like over that infinity pool.

  1. The Treehouse of Your Dreams: Atlanta, Georgia (@pbahouth)

This Airbnb happens to be the topmost wish-listed property on Airbnb. It’s made up of three treehouses which make the ultimate getaway retreat. The rooms are connected by rope bridges and each is designed with Mind, Body, and Spirit in mind, making it the ultimate oasis. Stargazing? Check. Swinging bed? Check. Minutes away from downtown Atlanta? Also, check.

  1. The Erhart, New York, NY

Crash in one of the rooms of this 10,000-square-foot restored New York mansion built in the late 1880s for the ultimate city-meets-luxury feeling.  The lavish and intricate details of the building still remain intact (along with the opulent bathroom), so you can really live out your Eloise at the Plaza fantasies over complimentary breakfast.

  1. Villa Hegge: Oslo, Norway (@villahegge)

This Scandinavian cabin is a “hygge” lovers ultimate dream. If the sheepskin covered sofas, the ultra-glam interior design, and cozy nooks don’t have you sold, the view of the Northern Lights should do the trick. It’s practically impossible not to take #decorinspo back home with you and try to replicate.

  1. Ayton Castle: Eyemouth Scotland

If an ancient castle is more up your alley for your “home away from home”, this 15-acre Victorian castle in Scotland is for you. The undisturbed coastline is a short ways away and most importantly, it’s a quick walk from the local pub.

  1. Malibu Airstream: Malibu, CA (@malibudreamairstream)

Even if you’re not a sunrise kind of person, this RV (yes, as in trailer) is bound to turn you into one. If you’re looking to really turn off (the ‘grams will have to wait) and take a step back from civilization, consider this decked-out trailer right outside the hustle and bustle of LA. You’re guaranteed views from every angle and if getting off the grid is your jam, this will do the trick.


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