The latest Final Cut Pro plug-ins you need now

OCT 18, 2017

Are you up-to-date with the latest Final Cut Pro plugins? Here are our favorites, including this year’s top launches, to give your videos professional power…

Audio DeNoise

For those of you that don’t currently own a directional mic, this relatively cheap plugin helps you automatically remove or reduce noise with a simple drag and drop! It’ll save you hours, while still allowing you to customize the audio the way you want it. Watch the tutorial and find out how to access the plugin, here.

Primatte Keyer

Want to remove green screen with the click of a button? This plugin not only does that, it also corrects any uneven lighting for better background removal. If you’re not sure about paying the full price (it’s a little steep at $499), then Red Giant offers a free trial, as well as a special discount for students. 


This free plugin helps you integrate footage filmed on your phone with widescreen cuts by providing different backgrounds to sit behind the vertical shots. Choose from three options – scale, mirror, or copy – to seamlessly create a horizontal-style video. Watch the tutorial for applying the plugin, here.

Arctic Whiteness

It’s been called the definitive tool for managing libraries and media. Use it to see what media is stored where, quickly render files, or alternatively delete the ones you no longer need. Find out more about the plugin, here.


Create special effects from simple titles and transitions to epic visuals. Once you install the free starter kit, you’ll have access to hundreds of plugins of varying price to take your videos to a whole new level. Its interface also provides an easy way of managing all your FCP plugins. Find out more, here.

Pixel Film Studios

Having just released the completely customizable Pro3rd Vivid (a set of 60 self-animating lower third presets), Pixel Film Studios continues to be the juggernaut of FCP plugins. Choose from its incredible range of visual effects, which can be applied to stills and footage – from color grading tools to glow and lighting plugins. Find out more, here.

Which plug-ins are you most excited about? Share in the comments!

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