The Internet BFF Duos We Wish We Could Be Friends with IRL


June 19, 2018:

National Best Friends Day might be behind us, but that definitely isn’t stopping us from obsessing over these friend duos. Here are a few of the most badass, all-around-awesome BFFs who are are giving us friendship envy.

Nicolette Mason and Gabi Gregg

These two ride-or-dies (they’ve earned that title, they’ve been friends for over 10 years) have a lot to bond over. Not only are they friends, but they’re also coworkers. Co-founders, to be exact: the two founded Premme, an online retailer that caters to plus-sized women and has a range of affordable styles for sizes 12-30. The ladies have a background in fashion (both were editors/consultants in the industry in their earlier years) and set out to fill a gap in the fashion industry in making stylish, statement pieces of clothing available to women of many shapes and sizes. Nicolette and Gabi completely embody the “friends who work together, stay together” philosophy.


Cipriana Quann and TK Wonder

Style seems to run in the family when you look at these two. Baltimore-raised identical twins Cipriana and TK Wonder may be attached at the hip, but they both bring their unique identity when it comes to their fashion sense. Both kill it in the street style department, but the sisters are more than just head-turning, uber cool babes. They’re the voices (and queens) behind Urban Bush Babes, a blog dedicated to loving and taking care of natural hair. Their blog is an extension of themselves (and their fabolous manes), stemming from their own journey with embracing their natural hair.


Aimee and Dani Song

We couldn’t have a BFF roundup without featuring this friend-slash-sister duo. Not only are they pretty much everything goals, but they’re both super supportive of each other’s own personal brands and endeavours. Aimee is the queen of street style, while Dani is all about perfecting fitness and lifestyle content. Together, they make an unbeatable duo that makes us all wish we were the third sister.


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