The Business: Updated Instagram Insights you need to know


DEC 14, 2017

Got Instagram? Check. Created your Business Profile? Check. Decoded the Discovery section? Not yet? Well, here’s everything you need to know about Instagram Insights…

Overall Insights

To view Insights for your Business account, you would click on the graph icon in the upper-right corner of your profile. At the top, you’d find information like the total impressions for your account and the change from the previous week. Then, you’d simply swipe left or right to view more metrics. This is your basic dive into how your profile is performing over the last seven days compared with the week before.

Individual Insights

Select a post you want insights on and tap ‘View Insights’ below the image to see the data – things like Impressions, Reach and Engagement (the total number of unique Instagram accounts that liked or commented on your post). To view insights from your Story: Swipe up on your image or video and click the graph icon.

In addition to this, if you’ve promoted the post, you’ll notice an arrow icon in the bottom-right corner. This allows you to see insights for both the original post and the promoted post-tap ‘Original’ for the former, or ‘Promotion’ to view information on the latter.

Masterful Metrics

At the top of the Discovery section, you’ll see the percentage of non-follower accounts that saw your post, followed by Reach and Impressions. But what do these words and numbers mean? Sprout Social explains: Reach is ‘the total number of people who see your content’, while Impressions are ‘the number of times your content is displayed, no matter if it was clicked or not.’

The latter is then broken down into different sources: Explore, Home, Hashtags and Other. This means you now get an insight into where your content is appearing on Instagram, as well as the relationship between Reach and Impressions. If your impressions are higher than your reach, good job! It probably means your audience is viewing your content multiple times. In other words, you want to ensure your posts have a high impressions-to-reach ratio.

Follow Up

How do you get these numbers to become followers? To improve your Instagram Reach you can try a number of tactics, similar to increasing engagement – from using new and trending hashtags to posting at peak times. See Buffer’s article ’10 Easy Ways to Boost Your Instagram Reach’ for more tips and tricks!

How do you use your Instagram insights? Share in the comments!

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