The Best Way To Use Hashtags In Your Description Box #ipsyOS

The Best Way To Use Hashtags In Your Description Box

OCT 18, 2016:

Recently, YouTube quietly released a new support system for hashtags across all its videos.  This new addition makes it a lot easier for people to search and discover your content, so long as you know how to properly tag your videos for maximum efficiency.  Here’s what you need to know.

Hashtags on YouTube?
Yes!  It makes sense considering Twitter, Instagram and Facebook all use hashtags.   Though most casual YouTube users may not yet use hashtags, its important for you to jump on the bandwagon and become an early adopter.  When the masses start using the system regularly, you’ll already be a pro.  As more people start to adopt hashtag use on YouTube, tent pole events like #TheOscars, #NYFW and #GenBeauty can benefit from easy searching.

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How to hashtag
According to YouTube, you can hashtag directly into your description box.  We recommend running a few searches with hashtags that apply to your channel, to see what the popular hashtags are.  Feel free to create a hashtag specific to you and your channel as well. We recommend starting with general hashtags like #getreadywithme #beautytutorial #beautyhaul, and then see what drives traffic.

A few things to remember…
Like on Twitter and Instagram, omit all spaces for hashtags, and don’t over tag items. Don’t hashtag items that aren’t represented in your videos and don’t spam!

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