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Tech Hacks: How To Save money with this vlogging starter pack

AUG 30, 2017:

From filming and editing on your phone to making your own lighting equipment, here’s how to get started making videos without spending all your cash, with a little help from Shameless Maya’s ever-useful Tech Talk series

1. Get the right kit

If you’re going to film on a mobile device, whether it’s an iPhone, Android cell phone or tablet, you’ll need something to hold it in place when you shoot, like a selfie stick. Don’t think this will stop you from going hands-free! Look for a stick that has a phone attachment that’s compatible with a tripod – this is, after all, a sturdier option than holding the device in front of you, seflie-style. There are also plenty of mounts to choose from, which you can clamp onto pieces of furniture around your home.

2. Adjust the settings

First, you want the Automatic Exposure (AE) lock: in video mode, press on the area you want to expose, hold down to lock onto it, then adjust by sliding up and down on the screen. Filming on your back camera tends to be better quality than using the front-facing camera, and you can up this by investing in a phone camera lens, depending on your style of filming.

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3. Light it up

Filming in the day? Hello, free lighting! Plus, many beauty vloggers actually prefer to use natural light for an Instagram-like flawless finish. But, if you want that studio-lit boost, you don’t have to part with hundreds of dollars straight away. Try Home Depot classics, from a high-watt light bulb to Christmas lights, making your own ring light for close-up subjects (anything under two feet away), or purchasing the fave DIVA light online.

4. Be heard

You can record sound directly on your phone camera for close-up shots, but the further your phone is from the source of sound, the more likely you’ll need to plug in a microphone to the headphone port. The professional’s trick? Use the mic to pre-record voiceovers that you can then lay over video in the edit.

5. Edit

The iMovie app is a really simple way to trim video clips, and add effects and titles to media. Then all you have to do is export it. On Android, you have Videoshow, VivaVideo and WeVideo, which work in similarly intuitive ways to iMovie.

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