Takumi & Me: How To Use The Branded Instagram App

SEPT 28, 2017

A report by influencer marketing app Takumi last year found that ‘influencers with a minimum 1,000 followers can earn about £40 a post for a brand. Someone with more than 5,000 followers could charge roughly £75, while an influencer with upwards of 20,000 could charge £300 or more.’ Sounds good… But what it is really like to work with the platform?

It’s exclusive, but not inaccessible

Takumi has an application process, which includes accessing whether or not you are the kind of influencer they – and the brands they represent – want to work with. There’s no hard and fast rule about this, but generally, they’ll be looking at your content and your following (and certainly watching out for any fake followers you may have bought, which for them is a no-no). Saying that, as long as you have 1,000+ followers, there haven’t been any reports of rejections from users of the app so far.

You will be given a brief to work towards

Once you’re in, you’ll be sent notifications for available campaigns that are suited to you, just like any other alert on your phone. You simply click on the brand you’re interested in to see the brief: this includes information like how much money you could earn when the campaign is due and a summary of what they want from you. Be aware that sometimes you might have to purchase the product in order to meet the brief, though brands will often also send the product to you. Then it’s up to you whether you want to accept the campaign.

But be quick – jobs get picked up fast!

Even if you have only just received the notification for a campaign, you might find that it’s all reserved once you go into the app. Of course, there’s a lot of competition – you’re here to make money, just like the other users on Takumi. It could also be that the app is still growing, steadily increasing the number of brands it is partnering with, which means the number of campaigns available to influencers is low in comparison to other apps. So if you see something you really like, don’t wait around for it to get snapped up by someone else.

Getting paid couldn’t be simpler

Once you’ve completed the campaign and posted to Instagram, you submit the content to Takumi via the app for their review. As long as it meets the brief and the guidelines (straightforward dos and don’ts, which can access online here), you’ll be sent the payment within a couple of days, directly to your bank account.

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