Summer to-do list

Friendship Freedom Beach Summer Holiday Concept

June 21, 2018:

In just a few weeks, we’ll officially be welcoming summer.

Have a Clear Out

Sure, we might have already passed the dedicated season for “spring cleaning”, but there’s no better time to have a life clearout than right now. What does that consist of? Start with the basics, like clearing our your desk, room, or closet. If you’re stuck in a rut and need some inspo to get you going, give some non-boring “tidy-up” books a flip through, like “The Life-Changing Art of Tidying Up”, which guides you through the Japanese art of living in confined spaces and offers easy-to-do organizational tips and tricks for your living quarters. Go through your closet and donate, sell, and get rid of items so that you only have a select number of pieces (hoarders, this one’s for you!) that you can work with and create an endless combination with. “The Curated Closet” is a great read (the author is Scandinavian, so minimalism is basically guaranteed) to help you better understand how to plan outfits with a minimalist closet that not only helps save space but declutters you from anything you’re holding onto (and will likely never wear.)

Venture Out and Travel

Venture out to unknown territories: whether it be across an ocean, on the other side of a river, or simply heading out to explore a different neighborhood. Create a day trip and emulate how the locals in that area live. Farmers markets, coffee shops, and parks are great ways to see the day-to-day of what locals are doing and eating. Don’t be afraid to step outside of the box, but more importantly your comfort zone when it comes to traveling. Start small (like trying out a food or drink you might never usually go for) and think big with crash pads that not only look great on your Instagram feed, but feel like a different kind of “home” than what you might be used to. Our roundup of the most drool-worthy Airbnbs are here if you need some travel inspiration to plan your next PTO.

Get Active

Summer is a great time to try that workout class you’ve been eyeing or setting a personal goal. Whether it be signing up for a physical challenge (like a marathon or hitting a certain number in your training regimen), or simply just trying out that new class you’ve been meaning to (here are some of our current favorites in every city), it’s the best to get moving whether in a studio or outdoors.

See a Show

Summer is one of the best times to listen to good music and what better way to take advantage of being outside? Some of the greatest summer festivals and concerts take place from June to September all across the country. As an added bonus, most of these events also feature top local food trucks and stands, which makes these outings all the more fun to plan.


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