How To Stop Losing Followers On Instagram #ipsyOS

How To Stop Losing Followers On Instagram

OCT. 26, 2016:

Think you know Instagram?  Think again.  Though the social network has been out for years, there are always new ways to gain followers (and new ways to lose followers on Instagram).  It is more than just having a stellar grid and witty captions, it’s about distinguishing yourself in an oversaturated market.  Before you waste any more time losing followers, double check you’re not making these crucial Instagram mistakes.

Ignoring Emoji Hashtags
Who doesn’t love emojis? Well, it turns out that these playful pictures can be hashtagged, which unlocks a huge opportunity for engagement.  Statistics show that in the first month of emojis being measured as hashtags, they were used over 6.4 million times. So, go ahead, hashtag your favorite emojis and find out who else shares your love of the pig nose, the taco and the skull face.

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Forgetting About Stories
Since Stories launched, it’s gotten some flack for being a Snapchat knock off, but as we’ve mentioned before, Stories can mean engagement gold for those of you who already have strong Instagram following, but are still finding your way on Snapchat.  Don’t ignore that top bar of Instagram—use it to build curiosity about your most recent video, ask your readers for feedback or give them a behind the scenes look at your daily life.

Failing To Properly Time Your Posts
The advice to new vloggers and bloggers is often “post as often as possible,” but that may not be the best strategy for you and your brand.  Experiment with how often to post and see what works for you. If you need more help, the Prime for Instagram app tells you the best time to post for you. If you’re a Fohr Card member, they also have a new tool that analyzes your feed and followers and gives you the optimum time to post each day.

Focusing Too Much On Numbers
Are numbers important?  Yes, but spending too much time on metrics will make you second-guess your posts, leading you to become inauthentic.  Do your best to use Instagram the way it was meant to be used—as a fun tool to connect with people.  If you focus too much on the business side of the app, your followers will catch on quickly and lose interest.

Are you making any of these mistakes? Share in the comments! 

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