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Co-Founder of Soko Glam Talks Korean Beauty

AUG. 7, 2017:

While contouring and brow transformations reign supreme on social media, if you really want your video to stand out, you should consider diving into the world of skin care content!

As an esthetician and co-founder of the leading Korean Beauty site Soko Glam, and Korean beauty content site The Klog, I’ve seen the amazing transformation proper skincare can have on people! While makeup is instant, changes in skin health are lasting and life-changing. Documenting the progress to clear, healthy skin can motivate your fans to tackle some of their biggest skin issues, like acne and dark spots.

When I shared my journey with skincare through my book, The Little Book of Skin Care, I was so excited to receive feedback from thousands of people on how my skin care changed their life!

Sharing this knowledge actually creates some of the best beauty content, because it’s super relatable! Everyone has skin issues they would like to resolve (who can say they’ve never had a pimple in their life?!) With better skin, your fans’ confidence will skyrocket and they’ll always be thankful to you for that. And don’t forget: Better skin care habits lead to better makeup!

K-beauty has been trending on social and among beauty bloggers because of their really innovative products (sometimes packaged in such a cute and adorable way!). Also it’s super accessible in terms of price point so it won’t be out of reach for your followers to discover. Plus, people of all ages are fascinated with the latest skin care and makeup K-beauty products coming out of Seoul, so you’ll never end up with a dull video.


Here are some of my tried-and-true ways to step up your skin care content game:

1)    7 Day Sheet Mask Challenge

Healthy, glowing skin is hydration. The best way to see glowing, hydrated skin is to try sheet masking for 7 days straight. Doing this will provide the most optimal amounts of hydration, as well as reduce wrinkles, redness, and ultimately bring life back to skin. All you have to do is document each day of what sheet mask you used and describe the immediate effects–from how it feels on your skin upon application to how it looks after use. Tip: Viewers want to know as many details as possible so be sure to share as much as you can!

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2)    Korean 10 Step Skincare Routine

10 steps may sound like a lot, but once you try it and see the results, I promise you’ll never go back. This routine became viral beauty content because people saw how much their skin changed for the better after doing this routine for only two weeks! Document and share your honest thoughts of each step and how it changed your skin.

3) The Double or Triple Cleanse Routine

If 10 steps or 7 days of sheet masking is too much to start with, try incorporating a double or triple cleanse routine. This technique will actually provide tremendous benefits and results in your skin, because it involves removing makeup thoroughly yet gently from your skin. Leaving makeup on your skin does create premature aging, acne and dullness, so remember the importance of a thorough cleanse. For more on the triple cleanse routine, read this Klog article.

And my biggest tip for documenting your skin transformations…


It’s all about the “Before & After”

There is nothing more genuine and interesting than sharing your skin transformation. Before starting on your journey, remember to take clear shots of your skin and face without makeup and record your thoughts on your current skin care routine. A few months later, after your skin has improved, take clear shots of your skin again. Although it will take time and bravery to prepare all these shots and document it, your followers will thank you so much for being honest, genuine, and real.

Are you new to skin care and/or want to get a routine started and understand the basics?

1) Check out The Klog for all you need to know about skin care & K-beauty. Don’t forget to sign up for the weekly newsletter that will give you informative insights into Korean skincare.

2) DM me at @charlottejcho on Instagram so I can set up a skin care consultation for you and help you get started!

Well that’s it for now! Hope we can connect soon and wishing you all Only Good (Skin) Days Ahead!

Author: Charlotte Cho
Soko Glam –
The Klog
Instagram: @charlottejcho

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