Snapchat rolls out insights update as an attempt to win back influencers: will it work?

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APR 5, 2018:

Snapchat is finally giving influencers a way to analyze their audience. The long-awaited insights tool — which arrives amidst complains from the app’s redesign from many —  will long, at last, provide content creators a way to dive deeper into their audience on the platform, thus helping them to “sell” brands on why they should sponsor their stories.

The update features analytics like view count and demographic breakdown. For the first time on Snapchat, influencers will now have access to a slew of audience data broken out by time including total story views, time spent, daily unique viewers, and audience demographics (gender, age, geography, etc.) and interests (lifestyle and interest).

While the success of the re-design remains a hot topic, this new update will allow influencers to better understand and analyze their audiences, making it easier to work with brands and create sponsored content. Snapchat’s hope, seemingly, is that giving creators more precision and flexibility when it comes to understanding their viewership will lead to more content creation on the platform.

The update will also allow influencers to show brands if and how their audience overlaps with a brand’s target, as well as comparing it to other platforms like Facebook and Instagram.  While it’s too early to say if creators will flock back to app just yet, Snapchat is making it loud and clear that it has branded content and creators on top of mind.

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