How To Shoot And Edit High Quality Videos On Your iPad. #ipsyOS

How To Shoot And Edit High Quality Videos On Your iPad

OCT 11, 2016:

When you’re first starting out on YouTube, it can be easy to want to spend thousands of dollars on video equipment.  Thankfully, with the newest iPhone, iPads and Androids, you can basically shoot and edit an entire video on your mobile device.  Read on for tips on how to make professional-looking mobile videos, and start saving money!

Get the equipment
OK, so you’ll need some initial investment.  A simple selfie stick will let you shoot yourself on your phone, but if you want the use of both hands, get a tripod or universal phone mount.  If you’re shooting with an iPad, a universal table mount will keep it steady.

Set your exposure
Setting the exposure on your phone isn’t the same as doing it on your camera.  You’ll need to turn on the “AE” (Automatic Exposure) and lock it for the entirety of shooting.  To do this, press on the area where you want the exposure, and lock it by holding it down.

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Light your set
If you are staying on a budget, shoot in the daytime near a big window to get the best light.  Otherwise, just use your typical lighting set up. 

Add sound
If you’re shooting a beauty video and will remain close to your phone, you may be able to get away without using a microphone.  Otherwise, a lavaliere mic that attaches to your phone is an easy fix.  You can also add a voiceover in editing.  

Get creative in editing
It’s easy to edit directly on your phone or iPad with iMovie.  You can adjust the length of the video, include transitions, add titles and change the order.  You can also record a voiceover here, if you haven’t already, and add music.  Once you finish, just upload directly to YouTube or your social network of choice!

Do you shoot on your phone or iPad? Share your experience in the comments! 

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