Is It Time To Get Serious About Vertical Videos? #ipsyOS

Is It Time To Get Serious About Vertical Videos?

May 10, 2017

Marketing experts have been talking about the rise of vertical video for a while now. But are we really seeing a shift towards more vertical storytelling?

Why The Advertisers Are In On It

Snapchat launched vertical video ads two years ago, and was swiftly followed by Facebook and Instagram. Speaking to Exchange Wire about the advantages of moving to vertical video format, Ad Colony’s Ryan Griffin explained: ‘The most obvious one is that you are providing content to consumers in the primary way they want it. Mobile users hold their phone vertically over 90% of the time, and some estimates are as high as 97%… Vertical video campaigns just perform, period. We’re talking an average 89% video completion rate and a 10% average engagement rate.’

Virool’s Even Made A Marketplace

Having first launched vertical video for publishers last year, the San Francisco-based programmatic video platform has now created an advertising marketplace. This intends to make it easier for advertisers to buy vertical video ad inventory at scale. Brands from Burberry to Lexus and Delta have already started buying ad space, with an average cost per impression of around $15. CEO Alex Debelov told Ad Week that a lot of companies have been asking for vertical video compatibility, with mobile now making up 60 percent of the company’s total inventory and vertical largely leading the way.

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TV Shows Are Coming To Snapchat

This month, Variety reported that Elisabeth Murdoch’s UK-based media company, Vertical Networks snapped up a deal with Snapchat to produce a 12-episode dating show called Phone Swap. The premise? Two strangers decide whether to date by trawling through their blind dates’ cell phone before they’ve even met IRL. Vertical Networks launched a made-for-Snapchat brand channel, Brother last year, and its focus is to develop mobile-first content for the millennial audience. Their story starts with Snapchat, but is set to travel to other platforms in the near future. 

There’s Even A Vertical Filmmaking Contest

Vertical video now has a place at this year’s Cannes Film Festival, with the launch of Nesprseso Talents, a competition seeking out innovative filmmakers around the world to be showcased at the industry’s most prestigious event. This first-of-its-kind search received 384 videos from over 40 different countries, with two winners from a shortlist of 15 being announced later this month.

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