4 Reasons Why Self-Employed People Are Happier

JAN 26, 2016: 

The next time someone takes a jab at you for “not having a real job,” let them know that it’s now scientifically proven that self-employed people are in fact happier.  According to a recent study, “freelancer” is the career with the highest happiness ranking in 2015.

Though it is not always gum drops and lollipops (read: you’re always working, pay can be unpredictable, self-discipline is key), the study discovered four major factors that contribute to overall happiness.  No wonder it’s anticipated that by 2020, freelancers will outnumber full-time workers.

Flexibility of Schedule

When you work for yourself, you make your hours.  Want to try a new spin class, get a quick manicure or meet a client for a long lunch?  Just shift around your schedule, work a few hours on the weekend or start your day at 7:30am to account for the missed time.  A freelancers schedule allows for more work/life balance.

Lack of Office Politics

A whopping 2 million Americans quit their jobs each and every month due to office politics, whether it’s a conflict with a teammate, lack of recognition and responsibility, or an overall culture of disrespect.  When you are self-employed, you can remain on the periphery of the day-to-day drama and focus instead on producing your best work.

Total Creative Freedom

Don’t you love doing what works for you and your audience?  As a freelancer or self-employed person, you don’t need to cater to sales goals, monthly revenue numbers or yearly quotes—unless you set them yourself!

Who’s the Boss?

You!  Having a great boss can lift you up, empower you to do your best work and help you progress at a company.  Having a bad boss can discourage your work ethic, make you dread coming into work every day and haunt your nightmares.  Just make sure you’re being a good boss to yourself.  Section off non-work time and practice self-care.

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About the Author

Allyson Rees is a trend forecaster, fashion journalist, creative consultant and copywriter specializing in fashion, womenswear, retail and design. Learn more on her website!