The Secret to Creativity: Tips on How to Come Up with New Ideas #ipsyOS

The Secret to Creativity: Tips on How to Come Up with New Ideas

JULY 25, 2017:

We all know the Google model: Working environments complete with napping areas, recreation hubs, movie rooms, basketball courts, and even an aquarium in their Zurich headquarters! Their inventive approach to office design is what ranks them as one of the best companies to work for in the world – and perhaps what ensures their content and creative workforce.

But this month, Refinery29 suggested that in fact boredom is the key to creativity. Haruki Murukami, Ernest Hemingway, and Maya Angelou were just some of the creatives they cite as benefiting from structure, schedules, and a lack of distraction.

‘The more I learn about the lives of prominent creatives,’ writes Abby Driver, ‘the more it seems the path to excellence is paved not with erratic flashes of brilliance but instead, with routine… In other words, if you carve out time for your creativity and respect it, sooner or later you’ll find your groove.’

This isn’t limited to writers. You might remember the ‘My Morning Routine’ vlogging trend from a few years ago – from waking up to walking out the door via breakfast and beauty regimens. Creativity and content ideas can even be found in the repetitive!

Some scientists have even suggested that being bored or giving yourself ‘bored time’ can benefit your creativity. Why? ‘Spending every second of every day engaged in some type of action absolutely kills your creativity,’ explains Inc. ‘Boredom also helps you experience life more fully, and it can help to actually limit your distractions and give you time to think.’

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But if that doesn’t sound like the creative lifestyle for you, here are 3 tips to help keep the ideas coming  via Forbes:

1. The Web

Nope, not the Internet, but a brainstorming technique: Write down one or two main ideas (like ‘makeup’) and circle them, then draw lines connecting those ideas to related sub-ideas (like ‘mascara’ and ‘eye liner’), and keep writing down related subjects (‘My favourite mascara’, ‘mascara problems’, ‘eye liner hacks’) until you reach the topic you can turn into a post (‘How this beauty hack can help you beat mascara meltdowns).

2. The Competition

Make a list of competitors on social media, and check out their blogs and social accounts to see what they’ve been posting: ‘Are there any popular topics they’ve covered that you’ve missed… What about posts you feel you could cover more in-depth?’ Just remember it’s not about copying.

3. The Trends

Read the news and keep on top of trending topics. You could set up Google Alerts, or try a content discovery app, like Feedly. What interests you? Could you give your opinion on a trend, rather than trying it for yourself? And don’t forget: What does your audience want?

How do you keep the creative juices flowing? Share in the comments!

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