Say hello to Hush and how to work with them

Say hello to Hush and how to work with them #ipsyOpenStudios

NOV 7, 2017:

‘Beauty for Everyone’ is the mission statement of the LA-based beauty company everyone’s talking about: Hush. The brand provides a new way to shop your favorite products and find new ones to fit your budget. They say: ‘If Snapchat and HSN had a love child’, Hush would be it. Here are our top facts to know…

1. The idea puts products (and low prices) first

Co-founders, Alex Lin (25), Cooper Mor (26), and Will King (25) wanted to create an app that gave users an ‘endless feed or products’, a way of ‘recreating the T.J. Maxx experience on your phone by offering name-brand items at bargain prices.’ Lin explains: ‘We came up with the name Hush because it was supposed to be like, “Hey, hush-hush, you can get great deals on our app.”

2. The founders aren’t afraid of advice

They turned to the Makeup Addiction subreddit to crowdsource ideas and opinions, from everyone including makeup lovers to website designers. There are also its industry advisers, like Beth Ferreira – now managing partner at WME Ventures, previously of and Etsy – and Alexis Maybank, founding CEO of Gilt, and founder and CEO of immersive visual shopping platform Project September.

3. They make shopping even more FUN

Lin brings experience and knowledge of the gaming and social-media world to create an entertaining experience that’s perfect for both beauty addicts and younger shoppers – see the swipe navigation for that Snapchat feel. ‘He is making beauty shopping more of a game,’ says Maybank, ‘and in the process adding a new, very fun angle to how the millennial shopper is finding her next splurge purchase.’

4. These beauty creators love them

Search cheap makeup haul or best high-end dupes on YouTube and you’re likely to find an influencer talking about Hush. Reviews of the site and app are everywhere – check out Elizabeth Dampier’s video from earlier this year, or Sheslulu’s first impressions – and content collaborations are sure to follow. Racked writes: ‘The brand has started talking to influencers to work with them in a more official capacity ([Lin] would love to start real-time shoppable product reviews with them).’

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