Q+A with Business Owner and ipsyOS member Trina Albus #ipsyOS

Q+A with Business Owner and ipsyOS member Trina Albus

JAN. 4, 2017:

While many creators discover their love of beauty first and then use social media to turn that love into a business, ipsyOS member Trina Albus took another path. The entrepreneur launched Magenta, a social marketing agency for beauty brands, and then started her own YouTube Channel, BeautyBeyond40. Through Magenta, Albus has worked with the likes of W Magazine, GLAMGLOW and Kardashian Beauty, so we are super excited to see how she translates her wealth of experience into her YouTube channel.

1. Describe your channel in one word:

2. Biggest YouTube Milestone:
Getting accepted into the ipsy OS community; access to the studio, professional staff, lighting, and camera really helped me take my channel to the next level and encouraged me to start doing collaborations with other amazing women in the beauty industry.

3. Biggest YouTube Mishap:
Launching my YouTube channel by filming the first video with my MacBook air built-in camera. I was naïve when I started my channel and had no idea how much time and effort it would take to create high-quality videos. Looking back now, it makes me smile and I’m proud of how far I’ve come. Making YouTube videos has allowed me to expand my professional skill set beyond what I thought I was capable of, and shown me that I’m more creative than I thought.

4. What inspires you? 
I’m inspired by people who take big risks in their professional careers; sometimes they fail and sometimes they win big. It takes guts and courage to be an entrepreneur. Other entrepreneurs motivate me to keep grinding every day toward my agency and YouTube channel goals.

5. Lighting set-up of choice:
Of course, the lighting set-up at ipsy Open Studios in Santa Monica is what I strive to set up at my own studio. I’ll have to check-in with Sonic at the studio to find out what all the equipment is. (Sonic is the best!)

At my own studio, I use a combination of natural lighting and a ring-light.

6. Camera of choice:
I film mostly at ipsy Open Studios. I’m now looking into getting a new camera to film at my own studio, and I’m leaning toward a Canon. I would love recommendations for cameras and lenses from the ipsyOS community!

7. Favorite mascara:
Wow, that is a tough one. I have so many mascaras on rotation all the time, but one I always go back to is Too Faced’s Better Than Sex.

8. Night owl or early riser?:
Always a night owl!

9. Favorite YouTube channel:
Hmmmmm…too hard to just pick one! There are so many incredible YouTube channels!

10. Where do you see yourself in ten years?:
In ten years, I’ll still be running my social marketing agency for beauty brands, MAGENTA, but I’m sure by then, the digital marketing space will have changed so much that my day-to-day tasks will be very different from what they are today. I also hope that in 10 years, I’ll be able to allocate more time to my YouTube channel, BeautyBeyond40, as it becomes a more lucrative endeavor.  

11. Favorite emoji:
Lipstick kiss:

12. Favorite social media platform:

13. Favorite book:
City of Dreams, by Beverly Swerling. It’s a historical fiction novel about the earliest days of Manhattan when the Dutch settled there in the 1600s. I read the book when I first moved to New York City more than 15 years ago. I was fascinated by the dramatic history of my new city and by how much it had evolved over hundreds of years.  

14. Favorite way to relax:
Sailing. There is nothing like being on the water; I sail twice a week in the Pacific Ocean to get away from city life and relax for a few hours.

15. Describe yourself in one word: Loyal

16. If I didn’t have my YouTube channel, I’d…
Without my YouTube channel, I would never know how creative I could be. I spent most of my career in math and computer-based fields, and I never knew I could quickly develop the skill set to create YouTube videos. I really love filming and editing. It’s very detail-oriented work, but creative at the same time; the best of both worlds.

17. Favorite movie:
Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, starring Sarah Jessica Parker and Helen Hunt. It’s a 1985 movie about a girl who sneaks out of her house to compete in a dance competition. I started dancing when I was 3 years old and have been dancing all my life since then. I’m a classically trained ballet dancer and very passionate about tap dancing. When this movie came out, I thought it was so cool – but I watched it again recently and it’s so cheesy, but still awesome!

18. Favorite TV show:
South Park. This show is so clever and reacts to current political events in record speed. There’s a fascinating documentary about the show called 6 Days to Air: The Making of South Park, in which you learn about the show’s hectic, rushed 6-day production schedule; each episode is completed just hours before you can watch it on Comedy Central.

19. Favorite childhood memory:
A stand-out childhood memory dates back to when I was in the first grade. I had taken my mother’s blue eye shadow to school and proudly put it on. My teacher scolded me, made me take it off, and called my mother. Looking back now, it is clear that I found the right career path in the beauty industry. Always follow your childhood passions!

20. What’s your nickname?
Many people don’t know that my legal name is Kathryn, but my nickname is Trina!

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