Speak up: Why brands want influencer-led podcasts #ipsyOS

Speak up: Why brands want influencer-led podcasts

JULY 6, 2017:

In the last two years, the podcast’s rise of popularity from the preferred medium of gamers and tech geeks to cool pop-culture series (hello This American Life, Serial, and S-Town) has not gone unnoticed.

Wired and Contently were just two publishers who referred to podcasts as the ‘new blogs’. And while the former did also say we should ‘enjoy the Golden Age while it lasts’, this judgment was based on its newness in terms of business investment: ‘No WordPress for podcasting exists yet, no easy platform for newbies to find and publish and share their own audio clips. [Let’s] see where the creativity of a nascent industry takes our voices.’

That was back in 2015, and things are rapidly changing. Hosting company, Acast made news this month for its partnership with Gleam Futures, the influencer talent agency behind some of YouTube’s biggest stars including Zoella. This move could bring ‘the fanbase of some of the biggest online video stars over to audio’, reported Campaign, while many brands have already jumped on the podcast bandwagon.

So before influencer-led podcasting really does explode, here are some of our favorite bloggers-turned-podcasters to get you going:

At Home With…
Hosts: Lily Pebbles and Anna Newton
About: These two lifestyle content creators have asked the people they admire most to open their front doors and talk about their lives, giving listeners exclusive access to their wardrobes, beauty bag, fridges and more!
Listen here

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Beauty and the Vlog
Host: ipsyOS member Erika Vieira
About: Each week, hear from some of the most popular beauty vloggers as they share their thoughts on what works and what doesn’t, as well as the story behind their success. It’s the perfect way to get motivated in the morning!
Listen here 

Behind the Beauty
Host: ipsyOS member Serein Wu
About: Go behind the scenes with this raw and unfiltered weekly podcast, which meets with professionals and brands to discuss topics ranging from expert tips to industry gossip, plus the chance to have your questions answered.
Listen here

This Week in Makeup
Host: Brother/sister duo Crystal and Forrest
About: Be first to find out about forthcoming makeup launches from mainstream and indie bands with this bi-weekly podcast giving you an exclusive look inside the makeup artist community.
Listen here

What is your favorite podcast? Share in the comments!

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