Facebook & Instagram Platform Updates: July Edition


July 26, 2018:

To help keep tabs on the many platform updates that have been rolling out in recent weeks, we’ve put together a product update guide of sorts. Here is your 101 to everything from Instagram’s new shopping tags to Facebook’s most recent update to tackle data issues.



IGTV isn’t the only exciting update to roll out in recent times on Instagram Stories. “Click to shop” tags (placed on e-commerce brands, that allow users to see the price and purchase an item directly) are already on Instagram feed, but they’re now also available for content creators to use in their organic stories. Adidas and Louis Vuitton are some of the first brands to test out the new feature, but it’s rolling out to many more brands soon. Overall, this addition is an attempt to make shopping easier and more seamless on Instagram, turning it from a discovery platform into a shopping platform. Influencers will now be able to post items from brands they’re collaborating with and help users in their shopping journey. Adding a shopping bag sticker icon to a post will give more information on the product, along with the option to purchase it without ever leaving the app itself. Impulse shoppers, don’t say we didn’t warn you.



It goes without saying that Facebook has been under heavy scrutiny lately around the way it collects user data (ICYMI, read up on it here and here.) As part of the platform’s wide array of efforts in the last few months aimed at being more transparent with its users, Facebook just launched an “Info and Ads” section on Facebook pages. This section will now let Facebook users see all the active paid ads that a Facebook page is running when the page was created, and any name changes to the Facebook page. While this is great for transparency-purposes, it does open a can of worms for brands. From a creative perspective, brands will now be able to see what other companies — more importantly, their competitors — are running as paid social ads.


The next update is all about a brand new test influencer marketing tools that Facebook is rolling out. First introduced in Europe, Facebook confirmed that the platform now has its own search engine capable of connecting social media creators to brands, all in the name of sponsored content. Brands will now have the capability to search for influencers within a specific audience demographic and targeting options, including interests, home type, life events, and more. This is huge for content creators because it’s the first time a platform created an official search tool with the sole purpose of being able to find creators for their specific business goals. No word on whether a  U.S. update is coming just yet, but if so, this could be a major game changer in how influencers are discovered by brands.


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