How to use Pinterest as an alternative to Instagram


MAR 1, 2018:

Have you been affected by Instagram’s changing algorithm? Some are saying there is an alternative – and it comes in the form of Pinterest. But is it really time to revisit the XX platform, and is it right for you and your business? We investigate…


The purpose

Pinterest has a very different purpose to Instagram. While the latter is used to share your own photos, Pinterest is typically used to curate and save content uploaded by other users: in essence, it’s about sharing vs discovering. So while a beautiful image can do well on both, its value is even more important on Pinterest – and usually, this means offering an insight to your audience in addition to the image itself.


The audience

SproutSocial’s demographic details how audiences differ between the most popular social networks. While Pinterest has fewer active users than Instagram, 7% more of them are women, and in the US, 73% fall in the all-important 18-34 age category. This likely contributes to the platform’s success in terms of translating searches into shopping – 76% of Pinners save items to purchase later. And Pinterest’s male user base is growing: 40% of new signups are men. All in all, impressive numbers that are sure to interest brands.


The medium

Unlike Instagram, Pinterest is fully functional on both desktop and mobile. Again, this will have an impact on e-commerce conversions, as they occur at a much higher rate on desktop than mobile – another reason why Pinterest appears to be a moneymaker to brands. Pinterest also prioritizes link sharing and saving, which again helps if you’re looking to distribute, rather than simply promote your content.


The images

‘On Pinterest, images without human faces are repinned 23% more often than those that include them,’ writes Ad Espresso. Not really helpful for beauty influencers. However, Pinterest users react well to close-ups and colors – red especially – as opposed to Instagram, where users prefer things a bit more pared-back and with more background.
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