What You Need to Perfect the Art of the Selfie

Portrait of a beautiful young woman selfie in the park with a smartphone

June 28, 2018:

Selfie-taking is an art and as such, needs perfecting. Getting the perfect selfie isn’t easy and we all know it. We’ve all been there: going through your photo roll to pick that perfect, just-right shot that has the perfect amount of good lighting mixed with the right moment captured. Which is why we’ve rounded up our must-haves to get that perfect shot. Sure, it might take a couple of takes to get the “one”, but with the help of these few products, the lengthy process of picking the right shot will hopefully be a little less painful this National Selfie Day.

Get the Right Lighting

Lighting is arguably one of the most important factors when it comes to taking the perfect selfie. While natural lighting is always the preferred method, it isn’t always easy to take advantage of. Which is where phone accessories come to play. Ring lights (or phone accessories that promote flattering lighting) are the ideal solution whether you’re in broad daylight or in a dark nightclub. The Kardashian-backed Lumee case does work wonders when it comes to giving you that flawless and airbrushed finish while providing a variety of color and design options (this rose-colored marble one is our current favorite, while this one is a good dupe if you’re on a tight budget.)

Makeup that Photographs Well

You want your makeup to work in your favor when it comes to photography. Look for brands that are renowned for working with your skin tone and texture no matter the lighting, like Smashbox (their formulas are created to work best on camera, which means less flashback and white casts and more flattering in different lights.) The Smashbox Photo Ready Primer is a bride-favorite for good reason: it was created to give that flawless finish in pretty much every light, including the harshest of flashes.

All About the Angles

It goes without saying that angles play a huge part in getting the right selfie. While we love a selfie stick, the Ollo Stick takes things to the next level. This ain’t your average selfie stick: the 4-in-1 pocket-sized lens set features a variety of different options, including fisheye, macro (great for sharp close-ups) and wide angle. The non-intrusive lens works on both rear and front-facing cameras, which means you really don’t have any reason to not go crazy on the photo-taking to capture the right moment.

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