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NYX FACE Awards Finals: Congrats to ipsyOS member NsomniaksDream!

AUG. 10, 2017:

This week, we’re featuring the ipsyOS members in this year’s top six to talk starting out, finding inspiration, and what it takes to be a finalist in the FACE Awards. Here’s what happened when we met Megan aka NsomniaksDream.

In the last six years, NsomniaksDream has grown a following of over 66k subscribers, who all love her fantasy-inspired videos. You definitely get a sense of her own personal journey and many achievements as you scroll through them – her DIY Mermaid Ears video from 2014, for example, is where she took the plunge and did voiceover for the first time. ‘It was a big moment for my channel to break past that fear of talking,’ she says.

‘I started making videos in University as a stress relief from classes and the anxiety I was feeling being off at school on my own. I had so many science and math courses that my creative side was becoming stifled, so I found an empowering escape in YT videos.

 ‘I take inspiration from everywhere and anywhere I can, especially the worlds of gaming, anime, horror, and fantasy. I’ve been a lover of fiction since I was young and I love the creativity and challenge of being able to take characters from an imagined world to reality.

‘I have followed FACE Awards since its first year and watched its progression of talent, diversity and quality of videos. I wanted to enter to challenge myself, and my artistry. This environment forces you to push past boundaries you’re uncomfortable with, try things you never thought you would, and strive to create bigger and better content every video.

 ‘My Dragon Warrior was my entry video for the Face Awards this year and, alongside my UNIT 394, stands as one of my favorite looks to date. It came from my love of fantasy and the desire to embody creatures that are strong, detailed, and otherworldly. My warrior really embodies everything I love about my channel, and the transformative properties of makeup that allow you to bring anything you can dream to life.

 ‘For Cyberpunk, I was immediately drawn to the idea of cybernetic enhancement, androids and modified humans, manipulated in a futuristic world to benefit those in power. UNIT 394 took a week of crazy prep, numerous injuries, and a desire to exceed every limit I had placed on myself. I dove into props like LED wiring, a resin mask, wig styling, creating a backdrop, and sitting down for a 14-hour day to paint! I looked up endless references for mechanical pieces, robotic skeletons, and I threw myself into the world of cyberpunk sci-fi so I could understand where my character would be created and ultimately live.’

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