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NYX FACE Awards Finals: Congrats to ipsyOS member Colour Creep!

AUG. 9, 2017:

This week, we’re featuring the ipsyOS members in this year’s top six to talk starting out, finding inspiration and what it takes to be a finalist in the FACE Awards. Here’s what happened when we met Kimberley aka Colour Creep…

Since uploading her first videos to YouTube in 2015, professional MUA Colour Creep has gained 66k+ followers for her standout otherworldly style and experimentation with (you guessed it) color. Having now racked up almost 10k views for her first-round entry for the 2017 NYX FACE Awards and a further 26k views for the latest challenge, her Jackalope look from last year is still a favorite, a beautifully precise take on pastel color and fairytale motifs. ‘I love how it all came together,’ she says.

‘I started making videos because I wanted a platform to express my creativity and I wanted to show others the process of my looks and hopefully inspire them along the way. I come up with new ideas by seeking out inspiration from all kinds of things: Different art forms, nature, fashion, music and movies. It can come from anywhere. 

‘I wanted to enter the NYX FACE Awards to challenge myself and help take my artistry to the next level. Competitions are great because they get you out of your comfort zone.

‘For the Royalty round, I got inspiration for my Sea Queen look from my home! I live on Gabriola Island – it’s a beautiful island on the west coast of Canada and I’m surrounded by all of these incredible beaches. I wanted to try and capture that in my look.

 ‘For the Cyberpunk round, I achieved the final look by doing a LOT of research. Going into the challenge I had little to no knowledge on the subject so I spent a lot of time researching to know how to portray it accurately. I spent hours looking through different photos and videos, and through that I decided I wanted my character to be fierce and badass, so I created the android warrior.’

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