Etiquette Guide: How To Be Backstage At NYFW #ipsyos

Etiquette Guide: How To Be Backstage At NYFW

SEP 9, 2016:

Congratulations!  You’ve been invited to fashion week.  Now what? Before you start planning your outfits and brainstorming your beauty look, get schooled in backstage etiquette—what to do and what not to do when you go behind the curtain.  Here are five rules to live by.

Befriend the publicists
Most likely, a publicist will be the gatekeeper of the backstage area.  If you get to go backstage before a show, when all the beauty action is happening, try to find out who the publicist is.  They may not be available or have time to chat, but if they are, they’ll remember the fact that you requested to meet them.  Remember, publicists pull the strings—you want to be in their good graces.

Ask to take pictures
It will become clear as soon as you get backstage whether or not photography is permitted.  Most of the time, it’s encouraged, but better to be safe then sorry.  We recommend taking a smaller camera with you, as it’s often very tight in the back stage area and a large camera can be imposing.

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Do not touch anything
Backstage hair and makeup stations are high-stress areas.  Do not under any circumstances touch anything on the tables.  The same goes for snooping through make-up kits.  If you happen to get an interview with a makeup artist, have them show you the products and tools they’re using.

Know the person you are interviewing
Backstage at fashion week is like a who’s who of the beauty world, but you should know who you’re dealing with.  Google the key players beforehand and memorize their faces.  You never know—you may score an interview and you want to be prepared.  Have a general question ready, something like, “How did you work with the designer to create this make-up look?”

Don’t overshare
Posting one to two photos on social media per show is enough. Anything more than that is overkill, and will just get lost in the masses.  Also, make sure your photos are clean and not blurry before you post to social media, and be sure that your hashtags are correct. They’ll help you score extra followers during NYFW.

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