A Last Minute Gift Guide For Moms Who Say They Don’t Need Anything

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May 9, 2018:

If you’re shopping for last minute gifts for mom, you’re in luck. We’ve rounded up a list of ideas that have you covered whether your mom is a skincare junkie, a coffee fanatic, or nap lover – but claims she doesn’t need anything year after year. No socks to see here, though: these presents are actually cool. And no, we don’t mean in the “I’m not a regular mom, but a cool mom” kind of way. Truth is, most moms are actually pretty cool – funny, strong, loving women who work hard to raise us. Not to mention, they often happen to pull off things we could never dream of or admit to (high ponytails, bandanas, khakis, you name it, they’ve probably done it.) Here’s a list of cool Mother’s Day gifts that are bound to please even the “hardest to shop” moms out there.

For the closet

While there’s no proof to back this one up, most moms tend to appreciate good cashmere. Go for one that’s great for on-the-go moms, like this one from Athleta, or a super soft classic cardigan (like this) that can be paired up or down with ease.

For the medicine cabinet

For the beauty junkie mom, this is a staple in her morning routine. Go for a tried and true classic like The True Cream Moisturizing Bomb by Belif or Clinique’s Moisture Surge, or go all out and indulge her with the ultra softening, super luxurious Creme de la Mer.

For the kitchen

For moms who love to spend time in the kitchen and enjoy cooking with cool stuff, think simple, but also counter-chic. A marble cutting board (monogrammable, too) like this one is useful but also cute (and can also be used as a cheese board), while a juicer like this one from Smeg not only looks great but is also powerful and gets the job done.

For the shower

A bar of soap can make a great gift, and no, we’re not talking about any old scrubber. Think natural goodness (like this coconut butter-based bar) or a luxurious one she’d probably not get herself all the time, like Diptyque’s Do Son.

For Lounging

Because moms need all the help they can get in the relaxation department, this category is hard to go wrong in. If you’re looking for more variety than slippers (although Minnie Rose make a butter-soft pair that feels like you’re walking on clouds), go for a neck-soother (which loosens sore muscles and can be used either hot or cold), a comfy-cozy throw (like this one, which also looks stylish on a couch when not in use), or a plush robe (so she can feel like she’s waking up at the Ritz-Carlton every day.)


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