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Meet the influencers designing your new favorite lipstick

April 5, 2017:

More and more beauty influencers are partnering up with brands, but MAC Cosmetics was one of the first to launch a creator-led collaboration back in 2011, when it teamed up with popular beauty bloggers on a range of eyeshadows and glosses.

This month, the brand is doing it again with 10 established and emerging names from the beauty industry designing its latest lipstick collection, each seeking to create their ‘perfect shade’.

‘We’ve partnered with icons from the worlds of fashion, pop culture, celebrity, music, and art to bring to life their point of view on beauty,’ MAC’s senior vice president of public relations, Catherine Bomboy Dougherty, told POPSUGAR. ‘While each collaborator has a unique vision, they all share authenticity in their partnership with the brand.’

The influencers’ deep understanding of MAC formulas really impressed, as well as their desire to reflect the brand’s ideology of ‘all ages, all races, all sexes’ by creating shades that could work well on a range of skin tones and beauty styles. Here are the new beauty pros to know and what makes their lipstick…


Caro Daur, Germany,

Instagram: @carodaur, 986k followers

Her shade: Muted pink-beige meets brown, matte finish

Her inspiration: ‘I love cinnamon… I love the spice and I put it on everything.’


Fleur de Force, UK

Instragram: @fleurdeforce, 786k followers

Her shade: Mauve-beige nude, cremesheen finish

Her inspiration: ‘It’s basically my dream color.’


Gabriel Zamora, USA

Instragram: @thegabrielzamora, 235k followers

His shade: Caramel-colored nude, satin finish

His inspiration: Different skin tones.


Victoria Ceridono, Brazil

Instragram: @vicceridono, 491k followers

Her shade: Deep berry red, matte finish

Her inspiration: ‘Red is the most iconic lipstick color that you can think of.’


Alessandra Steinherr, UK

Instragram: @alexsteinherr, 131k followers

Her shade: Neutral pink, luster finish

Her inspiration: ‘I wanted it to be like your favorite pair of jeans, a timeless classic you’ll wear forever.’


Laura Lee, USA

Instragram: @larlarlee, 12m followers

Her shade: Muted beige, matte finish

Her inspiration: Herself.


Nikkia Joy, Australia

Instragram: @nikkiajoy, 81.7k followers

Her shade: Grapefruit pink, matte finish

Her inspiration: Her own go-to look.


Fouz AlFahad, Middle East

Instragram: @therealfouz, 1.8m followers

Her shade: Dirty rose, matte finish

Her inspiration: ‘I love seeing younger women from my region becoming more independent and hardworking.’


Samantha Ravndahl, Canada

Instragram: @ssssamanthaa, 2.4m followers

Her shade: Light pink, cremesheen finish

Her inspiration: Simplicity.


Marie Lopez, France

Instragram: @enjoyphoenix, 3.8m followers

Her shade: Natural beige, glaze finish

Her inspiration: ‘I really wanted to say I could wear it in winter and summer.’


Which shades are you excited to try out? Share in comments!

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