Meet the MUA behind the Meme Makeup trend #ipsyOS

Meet the MUA behind the Meme Makeup trend

April 13, 2017:

Another week, another bold beauty trend breaking the internet. This time it’s all about the meeting of makeup artists and meme creators, as some of our favorite viral memes are making their way onto eyelids everywhere.

We’ve seen everything from SaltBae by @chelseywolz and Hurt Bae by @lexusmperezz, to Kim Kardashian by @_makeupbyalexis, and quite a few Kermit the Frogs (see @niasmakeup and @_jsxo_).

But Buzzfeed traces the trend back to makeup artist Jenny Srimuang (@thaibrows on Instagram), who paid tribute to Squidward Tentacles in early March. We caught up with them to find out more…

Hi Jenny, first things first: Why Squidward?

‘I’m honestly not sure. The Bold and Brash painting is just such an iconic Spongebob reference, I knew everyone would get it.’

How did you create this eye makeup look?

‘I actually attempted the look three times because I kept messing up the proportions and I couldn’t figure out what makeup medium to use, but I ended up just using eye shadow for the background and a cream product for the base of the squid, and eye shadow to color it in. Eyeliner was then used for the outline.’

How do you feel about being named the starter of this trend?

‘A lot of small artists gained exposure on big platforms for the meme looks they did as a part of this trend, so it’s cool that that happened. I just wasn’t expecting any of this to go this far but a lot of people benefitted from it, which is great.’

What do you think of the other Meme Makeup posts? Do you have a favorite?

‘I think they’re hilarious, and some are actually really creative. I really like the Handsome Squidward look done by @emelynnerecede! You have no idea how hard I laughed when I saw it, and it was actually done really well.’

Tell us what you think about this trend in the comments!

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