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Meet Former ipsyOS Member Turned In-House Creator Bailey Sarian

MAR. 8, 2017:

With almost 60k subscribers, Bailey Sarian is a true YouTube rising star. But how did it all start? ‘Everyone on Instagram kept asking me to make videos,’ she says. ‘Finally, one day, to stop everyone from asking, I decided to just do it!’

Bailey’s personality shines through all her videos, and she’s always stayed true to herself. ‘[I’m most proud of] my first video on how I highlight and contour,’ she explains. ‘The video itself is super janky and the lighting is yellow, but I made it clear from the beginning: I wear a cake face, I am proud, call me what you want.’

Her more recent videos may have better lighting and (she admits) her face might not be as ‘cakey’, but Bailey hasn’t changed. Her bold ideas come from sitting in front of her vanity mirror, pulling out a product that she hasn’t used or hasn’t touched in a long time, and forcing herself to do something with it. ‘I like doing stuff that is different,’ she says. ‘YouTube is filled with warm toned eyes and nude lip tutorials. I just wanna lighten up and play! The Blue Steele video I feel is just ME, hanging out, in my room, chatting and doing makeup. Plus a bold red lip is my THANG.’

Want to find out more? Here, she answers our 20 Questions…

Describe your channel in one word: Funny.

Biggest YouTube Milestone: 55k subscribers.

Biggest YouTube Mishap: Lighting issues.

What inspires you: Oil paintings.

Lighting set-up of choice: Vanity lights.

Camera of choice: Sony NEX-6.

Favorite mascara: MAC Upward Lash Black.

Night owl or early-riser: Both, I don’t sleep.

Favorite YouTube channel: Oprah (@OWN).

Where do you see yourself in ten years: Traveling.

Favorite emoji: 🙃

Favorite social media platform: YouTube.

Favorite book: Invisible Monsters by Chuck Palahniuk.

Favorite way to relax: Meditate.

Describe yourself in one word: Sarcastic.

If I didn’t have my YouTube channel, I’d… be painting more, or just be really clean and organized.

Favorite movie: Forgetting Sarah Marshall and The Wizard of Oz (the original).

Favorite TV show: It’s a tie between Oprah, Judge Judy and Wendy Williams.

Favorite childhood memory: Rollerblading in my backyard to the Pocahontas soundtrack.

What’s your nickname: Bay, Bay Bay, or Bae.


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