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Macro shot of woman's beautiful eye with extremely long eyelashes. Sexy view, sensual look. Female eye with long eyelashes

July 18, 2018:

New brows, who dis? Your eyebrows help you define your face, but which brow trend are you feeling right now? Some of our ipsy Open Studios Members show us a few eyebrow tutorials to help you find your right technique!

Janielle Wright

Natural is always beautiful! Janielle takes you step-by-step on how to achieve gorgeous feathery eyebrows that look effortless and natural. Bushy is a hot trend this year on fashion runways, so embrace what you have and give these brows a try!

Will Doughty

Want to try something bold and daring? Will shows you how to achieve the infamous fishtail brows using his amazing artistry skills. Don’t be afraid to be different and give this trend a chance! You may surprise yourself at how fierce you look.


Tania Waller

Don’t have much brow hair to work with? Don’t worry, Tania walks you through her tips and tricks on how to get great brows while working with thin and sparse eyebrow hairs. If bold isn’t your cup of tea, then this brow trend is for you!


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