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Instagram Styling Trends To Know 

JAN. 25, 2017:

In the ever-crowded space that is Instagram, it can be difficult to differentiate yourself from the rest. Thankfully, using a unique visual language can help you get noticed.  And fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands are always showing new, experimental styling trends. Keep reading for six styling trends feeling fresh right now.

Show It off

Show It Off
Quite possibly the easiest way to show off a product, users simply hold up said product in front of a wall or background. Typically, these backgrounds are colorful or printed, but basic white walls work as well. For beauty, this trend is a great way to show off products on the skin.


When it comes to beauty products, showing off the rich texture of the product is key, so beauty brands have really capitalized on zoomed-in, textured photos. Across categories, this is an easy way to make simple product shots feel tactile and luxurious.


This peachy pink shade is definitely having an Instagram moment, and it doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon. It currently has over 11 thousand posts across categories and genders.

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Beauty brands love a pop of color, but softer pastel tones really let products shine. We love these cosmetic colors of blush, beige and white paired with soft shades of blue.

Composd Chaos

Composed Chaos
Brands have created artful compositions that show off products in an unexpected playful way. Though these images can be difficult to style, the end result shows products in a different light.


Easily the most thumb-stopping of all the styling trends, monochrome palettes fill the images with one color, forcing users to stop and stare. Minimalistic and beautiful, monochromatic images can make a bold statement with just a few products.

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