Watch out! Instagram Is Lurking For Copyright on #ipsyos

Watch out! Instagram Is Lurking For Copyright.

JUL 28, 2016:

Over the years, as YouTube has gotten larger and larger, it has had to iron out its copyright policies in order to protect its content creators.  As Instagram grows, it too is finding out that its creators’ posts are also subject to the law.

Perhaps you heard about Richard Prince, the famous contemporary appropriation artist who blew up several Instagram images and presented them at New York’s Frieze Art Fair.  He took the usernames of images, but added his own comments underneath the imagery, and then sold each piece for $90,000.  Many of the images’ original creators have sued Prince for copyright infringement.

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It begs the question: Was it Instagram’s job to protect its users in this scenario? Perhaps.  The social media company has recently started policing users for copyright infringement, particularly when it comes to music, but if you share your content on Instagram, aren’t you putting it out into the world to be shared, liked and regrammed?

What are your thoughts?  Is Instagram immune to copyright laws? Or is it time to start thinking before you #regram.


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