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Influencers reveal the price of their beauty routine and it’s a lot

OCT 4, 2017

Actress, Shay Mitchell hit the headlines this week after posting a video revealing that her everyday makeup routine includes nearly $600 worth of products, and now over 3.6m people have followed her step-by-step, non-professional tutorial.

So what’s in her bag? Shay’s faves include CoverFX Contour Kit, Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer and Graftobian Ultra HD Glamour Crème Foundation in Diva (recommended to her by celebrity makeup artist Patrick TA), and much more.

New research from Groupon revealed the average woman in the US will spend $313 a month on their appearance – that’s almost $4k in a year and around $225k over a lifetime! But how do the beauty bloggers compare to the average and to Shay Mitchell?

Princess Joules

‘I’m in shock,’ says makeup artist Princess Joules in her How Much Does My Face Cost? video. ‘You don’t really realize how much you spend on makeup until you actually put it to paper!’ The vlogger talks us through her everyday routine, from starting out with Cetaphil to her finishing touch, Chanel lip gloss. The total cost of the 21 products on her face? CA$853.44, not including tax.

Amanda Ensing

Vlogger, Amanda was equally shocked when she added up the cost of her high-end products in her $1k Makeup Tutorial: The Price of Beauty video. From primer to powder, concealer to color corrector, brow gels, brushes, bronzer and even skin mist – Amanda’s video might be a slight exaggeration on how much a beauty look could cost, and while she may not use all these products every day, she’s still parted ways with her cash to give them a home in her makeup bag.

Jeffree Star

In the name of beauty (vlogging), Jeffree Star spent $2,500 at Ulta. ‘I think I bought all the drugstore I need for the next month,’ he jokes. While this video is more about the range of products, brands, and looks you can achieve by shopping at your local drugstore, the numbers still give an insight into just how much we could be spending on makeup every time we decide to have a browse.

How much do you spend on your beauty routine? Share in the comments!

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