IGTV: Everything You Need to Know


July 5, 2018:

In case you didn’t know, Instagram just launched what some are calling its “biggest” update yet. We’re here to give you the basics of how it works and hopefully answer some of the burning questions you have.

What is IGTV?

IGTV is both a standalone mobile app, as well as space within the existing Instagram app for creators to take and post long-form vertical videos. With this new update, people will now be able to follow their favorite accounts and influencers to see more of their content and send videos directly to friends via DM. IGTV claims to be made for creators in mind, with up to one hour of full-screen video and the ability to share your pre-shot videos on your Instagram.

Is it monetized?

The question on everyone’s minds, let’s admit it, is whether or not IGTV will be monetized. The answer is no – for now. Ads are not part of the initial rollout, but that might change in the future. Although many are comparing IGTV to Youtube, this is a major difference between the two platform that’s important to call out. Instagram does note that creators will be first of mind for any monetization opportunities that might come in the future, so branded content is likely to make its way soon. Oh, and links can be included within video descriptions as of now.

How is it different from everything else?

There’s been many comparisons to IG Live, Youtube, and Snapchat. But IGTV actually seems to have found its own unique space in between the rest. Unlike IG Live, IGTV allows creators to share longer and permanent videos. Unlike Youtube, IGTV is all about the mobile-first experience, so full-screen, quick-loading, rotate-not-require content that’s easy to consume on-the-go. And while there are many obvious similarities to Snapchat (it is, in fact, a camera-focused app at its core), IGTV differentiates itself in that it gives creators the ability to share the videos they create on their Instagram, where they already have a huge audience and platform. Ultimately, it will be in the hands of content makers to dictate just how the platform will work and if it will be different to the content they post on other platforms.

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